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You don’t have to invest in risky financial instruments.

Become a co-owner or shareholder of a medical hotel, shopping mall, residence, office building in Poland.

The best European offer of investment in commercial real estate.

Poland is an economic leader in Europe. There are tax reliefs for investors, economic zones and low taxes in our country. All these facilities, coupled with our experience, are our strong assets, making us a good business partner and guaranteeing success of our ventures.

We offer hotels with the minimum guaranteed room occupancy of 80%.

You choose the location, the property with developed design and construction permits necessary for the investment.

We can tailor the interior design to your expectations or to guidelines of a particular hotel chain. Each element of the equipment may have your logo.

On the arranged date you accept and take over the hotel. You can manage the hotel on your own or leave its management to an experienced operator.

From the very beginning of the investment you are the owner of the property.

We are not intermediaries, you buy directly hotel,shopping mall, residence, office building in Poland ,investment projects.

For foreign clients (from all over the world) we deal with all legal formalities, including the permanent stay and operational activities in the Polish market.

Also ask about our offer of design and construction of incineration plants and processing of garbage and waste.


                                                INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR INVESTORS - NEGOTIABLE AND DETERMINED

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           ​We have developed a business model which offers very flexible financial solutions at every stage.

                    Every investor may leave the investment with 100% of the capital they invested.

​We are an experienced company, present on the market for 30 years now, with the international status of production and management of investment projects. We bring together teams of experts, specialists that implement innovative ideas and technology, and we had many successes worldwide. We operate within the market of exclusive residential objects, apartments, hotels and shopping centers.


Europe is changing. Poland maintains a positive climate for foreign business, 97% of foreign investors are pleased to have entered the polish market and want to continue dealing here. Some of the conditions of that may be:

- high return rate from direct investments

- huge, stable market

- superb lands and ever improving infrastructure

- increasing populace wealth

- Poland has been listed at 1st place in Europe and 2nd in the world in the security category in the newest OECD ‘safety’ report


The main condition of a successful property investment is always the location; the location is the most important element on which we base and carry out projects. And so we focus our efforts on Poland. You too can become a part of that, by becoming our shareholder. Invest securely in Poland!


Our current projects is a guarantee of profit

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