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Who are we and how do we operate?


We have been on the market since 1989.

We operate in a group of companies, each of them having been allocated with some specific tasks. One company seeks real estate, analyzes its potential and deals with subsequent sale of commercialization of the hotel.

The second company is an experienced General Contractor of Construction Works, who completes turnkey investments.

We specialize in designing and constructing incinerators and processing plants for garbage and industrial waste.

The third company is an engineering group responsible for all technical solutions and installations in the constructed buildings. They generally install energy-saving solutions for the hotel. Solar installations, heat pumps, photovoltaic installations, smart energy management installations. They also provide full service and technical maintenance of the operating hotels.

The method developed for technical installations allows us to achieve energy costs approximately 40-75% lower than those provided by traditional solutions. In summer periods these installations may even bring profits to the hotel.

The fourth company offers top level advisory and consulting services. Launching the hotel on the market and starting commercial operations by promoting the brand, supporting investors on every stage.

We cooperate with the best architecture design studios and directors and managers of hotels with impressive experience.


All data of our main company: 

Silver Home Hotel, Apartments, Guest houses sp z.o.o

Company capital .4.600.000 pln/1.047.244 Euro

registry data in court KRS 0000714863 

Tax data VAT NIP 8952181622

Street : Jagodowa 45 33-300 Nowy Sacz PL

tel.+48 18 4777 005 mobile +48 512 600 477

email: or 


            rewarded confidence in the CEO Jerzy Lelito
The activity of our company has been distinguished by several major institutions and business media.

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