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By becoming an inwestor in our projects,
you receive the ability to administer and
control your funds from any place in the world.

You don’t have to invest in risky financial instruments.
Become an co-owner or shareholder of a medical hotel, shopping mall, residence, office building in Poland
The best European offer of investment in commercial real estate.

,,business arises between people, later between companies.,,

CEO  mr.Jerzy Lelito
I work in the following industries:
-purchase, modernization, sale or commercialization of real estate
- general contracting of construction works
- design and construction of waste and industrial waste incineration plants
- design and execution of technical installations in construction
- treatment and rehabilitation centers and medical hotels
- international trade, export, import - restaurants, bars, pub, entertainment clubs
- real estate management and maintenance of commercial and private residences, hotels.

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